Thank you for taking the time to learn about how you can support me (Wardí) and SC2Improve. SC2Improve and creating StarCraft content is currently my full-time job. Every day I wake up with the plan to stream, work on a guide, improve the website, work on a new tournament and many other things. It is my dream to make this a sustainable lifestyle for myself - and there are multiple ways you can help to make this happen.

Following our Social Media (links found at the top right of the page) is a simple and free way to support SC2Improve. By keeping up to date with what is going on via our social media you are more likely to tune in or take part in our events, helping the community and the stream to grow and be seen by a wider audience.

Sharing our content with your friends, team-mates or publicly is also a great free way to support SC2Improve. The more people that see and know about our content will again help to create a stronger viewer-base and community. This can be as simple as sharing one of the videos out on social media or into a Skype group with your StarCraft friends. Again any publicity helps significantly with growing and maintaining SC2Improve.

Supporting SC2Improve directly by subscribing on Twitch, donating directly or supporting us through Patreon is always something I am greatly thankful for. Please don't feel pressured into any of these options if you cannot afford to. Each options comes with some perks and benefits, so if you do want to send your money in support hopefully you can find the way which suits you the most. You can find a little more about each option below.

Subscribe on Twitch!

Twitch subscriptions are charged once a month at a set cost. This is a great way to support on a regular basis, especially if you are an avid viewer of the stream. Benefits of subscribing include Twitch Emotes, Replay Packs and more. A full list of benefits can be found here.

One-time donation via Paypal!

A one-time donation is a way for you to give however much you can afford. It's a great option if you want to support us but cannot afford to do so on a regular basis. Donations will be displayed and shouted out on stream and donations of $5 or more qualify you for subscriber benefits.

> Regular support via Patreon!

Patreon is a great way for you to support the content we put out on a monthly basis with however much you feel like contributing. Check out the Patreon page to see a full list of the Patreon-only rewards which are available for different levels of support!