The most important rule I can stress is to take screenshot evidence of any issue which could be disputed by the other team. The more solid evidence admins can see in any dispute the more likely the correct decision will be made. This is repeated multiple times in the rules.

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to the SC2Improve Team League Season 6. After a hugely successful Season 4 we are very happy to provide another iteration of the SC2ITL. Season 5 will once again see opportunities for teams of all levels to take part in a competitive environment with weekly clan wars to take part in. We aim to provide a clean, fair and simple experience for everyone involved so that all you need to worry about is playing your games, having fun and being a part of the competition.

Teams from all regions are allowed to partake however this is an EU based league, meaning that teams should be ready to play at EU friendly hours. This generally means start times of 6-8pm CET throughout the week, with matches taking up to two hours.

The league is split into three divisions - the first, second and third division. Entry into the Second and Third Division is completely open and all teams which register will be accepted providing any applicable entry fees are paid. The First Division is the best of the best with a €2000 Prize Pool.  Entry-fee to the First Division is €20 and you must be qualified either as an invite, from your performance in Season 4 or through the qualifiers. To participate in the qualifiers you only need to pay a €5 entry-fee. This covers your entry into the second division and is fully refundable if you do not qualify and do not play in the second division. The Second Division prize pool will be funded entirely through the entry-fees and is expected to reach around €200. The Third Division is completely for fun (and for the pride of winning!) and is generally used by teams made up from the lower leagues. Entry fees are paid via Paypal.

Teams may submit more than one team (generally we expect this to be a main team and an academy team). If you are submitting multiple teams your players may only play for one of the teams at any given time. Swapping players between teams frequently to gain an advantage will result in removal from the league - odd changes representing promotion in the team etc are fine.

Teams may form an alliance with another team when registering should there be good reason to do so, for example one of the teams has four or less active members and hence would not be able to participate in the league on their own. Alliances should be confirmed with the admin via e-mail ( or Skype before registering. The admin has the final say in whether an alliance will be allowed.

1.2 Prizes

First Division

1st - €1350

2nd - €650

Second Division

1st - €200

2nd - €100

Third Division


1.3 League Format

The season is made up of three parts - qualifiers, a round robin section and the playoffs. During the round-robin teams will be put into groups. All teams in a group will play each other (one match per week.)

Round robin position is based on Wins-Losses -> Map Score (including Penalty Points) ->  Head to Head if necessary.

First Division Format : 

Top 4 teams advance to the Playoffs and receive an auto-matic invite to the next season.

Playoffs are an 8 team single elimination bracket, with the first place from Group A facing fourth place from Group B, and so on.

Final placings in the First Division groups will potentially be used for the next seasons qualification system.

Second Division Format : 

Top 3 teams in each group advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs are a 12 team single elimination bracket, with the teams who finished in first place in each group receiving a BYE in the RO16.

Final placements in the Second Division have no impact on invites for the First Division in the following season.

Third Division Format :

Top four in each group advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs are an 8 team single elimination bracket, with the first place from Group A facing fourth place from Group B, and so on.

1.4 Match Format

Each match will be BO7 all-kill format with no revives of players (players may not be used again once they have lost in the match). More information about players, maps etc can be found further in the rules. No revives may be used.

1.5 Penalty Points

Penalty points may be applied to your map score by the admins for bad manner, failure to report match dates & times, failure to show up to matches, failure to communicate with your opposing managers and other actions which the admin deems punishable.

1.6 Schedule

Week 1 : 25th January - 31st January

Week 2 : 1st February - 7th February

Week 3 : 8th February - 14th February

And so on.

1.7 Time Zones

The official SC2ITL Time Zone is Central European Time (CET).

1.8 Contact

Please e-mail if you have any issues or questions or contact Jonathon Ward on Skype - I will respond ASAP. Should an issue arise during a match and an admin is not responding it is advised that you continue to play the match and the admin will take action afterwards, i.e. if one team is found to be breaking the rules then a free-win will be given to the other teams.

Teams must have registered within the registration period and paid the entrance fee (if applicable) to take part in the league. Teams may not join the league during a season. Should a team wish to withdraw from the league please contact an admin ASAP so we can remove you from the schedule etc.

2.1 Line-up & Players

Teams may form an alliance with another team when registering should there be good reason to do so, for example one of the teams has four or less active members and hence would not be able to participate in the league on their own. Alliances should be confirmed with the admin via e-mail ( or Skype before registering. The admin has the final say in whether an alliance will be allowed.

Teams are required to submit a roster for their players at the start of the league which should state their ID on EU. Players must play on the account listed on their team roster. Should teams be playing on NA or KR there may be some issues with having different IDs to that listed on the roster. Playing under a different ID on the NA/KR server is allowed. If there are concerns that teams are exploiting this please contact an admin. We expect most non-EU server matches to take place in the First Division, where team rosters should be fairly well known anyways.

Managers will have access to a form via the Manager's Links page where they can add new players to the roster. Rosters are updated once a week, after 23.59 CET on Sunday. This means if you want a player to play in Week 5 for example, they must be added to your roster by the Sunday of Week 4, doing so any later will mean they cannot play until Week 6 (in this example.)

On a teams roster page there is a column labeled 'Eligible from week :' . Players may not play in a match which is from a week earlier than when they are allowed to play. This means if a match is postponed from earlier in the league, newer additions to the team cannot play UNLESS the match has been postponed for 4 weeks or more. I.e. a player eligible from Week 7 cannot play in a Week 5 match, but they can play in a Week 3 match. This is to stop teams postponing and taking advantage of new additions to their team.

Teams found to have an untrue player line-up / to be swapping players into their line-up just for matches / to be exploiting the system in any way will be removed and banned from all SC2Improve events. Players should be an official member of a team to represent the team in the league and should be in the teams in-game clan.

A player may play as Random. If a player wishes to play a specific race against his opponent race he should make this known ahead of time and before the opposing team pick a player & map. 

Players only have one ‘life’ per clan war, i.e. no revives.

Players should play on their main account listed in the roster if playing on the EU Server. On NA/KR players may play under a different ID, but any exploitation of this will result in a ban from the league.

2.2 Starting Player

Teams should state their starting player at the beginning of the match at the same time as their opponents. We appreciate there is no easy way to do this and we currently do not have a method for teams to submit a player beforehand without the other team seeing.

3.1 Match Deadlines

Each match has one week in which it should be scheduled and played. If a match is to take place after the deadline (end of Sunday for a given week, see 1.5 Schedule for complete dates) then you should notify an admin by the Sunday / submit the match schedule form via Managers Links page and fill out the Postponed box.

3.2.1 Scheduling a Match

First Division matches will be scheduled by the league and an admin should be contacted if there is an issue with the set date and time.

Team leaders will be part of a Skype Chat where they can find opposing managers / will have access to a spreadsheet with contact details for other managers. Each week you will have one opponent and the match can be scheduled for any time which both teams agree on. If a match is unable to be scheduled within the week then consider playing it early in the next week. If this is an issue for teams then let an admin know and the match can be rescheduled for a designated catch-up period.

We are taking scheduling a lot more seriously this Season. Team managers should ideally look ahead for organizing matches (get in contact the weekend before the week you should play). If you cannot catch each other on Skype, then send an e-mail. Failure to attempt to make contact with opponents by Wednesday will potentially result in penalty points. If you know you are busy at the start of a week then please assign a trusted player or co-leader to take care of the contacting. Generally we will deal with this on a case by case basis, but you shouldn’t be replying for the first time on Thursday and stating you can only play on Saturday (for example.)

Not contacting your opponent by the end of the Saturday for a designated Week will result in a free-win for the opposing team.

When you schedule your match you should also agree on a chat channel to meet in. Failure to be present in this chat channel on the EU server at the start of the match is what will be taken into account as a no-show.

3.2.2 Notifying Admins of Scheduled Time

We want to be able to supply streams for as many matches as we can each week and to do this we need to know when they are. On the Manager’s Links Page on the Team League site there will be a link to a form where you can submit the date and time of your match. If neither team reports a date & time for a match then both teams will receive a penalty point. There is nothing wrong with both teams submitting the time and date so please make sure to do so as it will cut down on me chasing down teams for answers a lot (and will get us more streams!!) The submission of a date & time should also have a chat channel attached to it so that streamers can easily turn up for the match.

3.3 Playing a Match

3.3.1 Servers

The following list is a list of where each match should be played depending on the current location of the players about to play.

Europe : EU vs EU, EU vs NA.

America : EU vs KR/SEA, NA vs KR/SEA, NA vs NA. Matches on the America server should be played on the Central Server, unless both players agree to play on a different server.

Korea : KR vs KR

3.3.2 Meeting Channel

Team Leaders should pre-arrange a chat channel to meet in and this channel should be submitted when submitting the match schedule. Teams should meet on the EU server in this channel to determine their starting player. Teams should then swap servers if necessary.

3.3.3 Starting the match & no-shows

Games should start within 10 minutes of the previous games, unless both teams agree to wait. This means no waiting on players etc. for ridiculous amounts of time. The first match should start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. A team which delays the start of the match past 15 minutes will start 0-1 down in the series. After 30 minutes a free-win can be claimed by the other team. Please provide screenshot evidence to admins for these claims.

If a team is a no-show for 15 minutes after a scheduled time then the other team starts with a 1-0 advantage. The team who starts 1-0 up should name their first player and the team 0-1 down will pick their '2nd' player and the map, as though they had lost the first game and were picking for map 2. If the team is still a no-show after 30 minutes then a free-win goes to the other team. Please take screen-shot evidence and report it to an admin.

3.3.4 Maps

The team who is higher in the Liquipedia standings table for their group at the start of the match should start vetoes. Players should veto until one map remains, this will be the starting map for the clan war. Following this it will be losers pick. Maps may only be played once during a series.

In the lobby the Game Privacy setting should be set to 'No Build Order' at all times. 'No Match History' should be set at the request of any player playing the map.

3.3.5 Disconnects / Battle Net issues

If a player disconnects during the game due to issues outside of the players control the disconnecting player has 10 minutes to be ready to restart the game. This should be plenty of time for internet/computer restarts. Should the same player disconnect a second time they will have 5 minutes to prepare to start again. A third disconnect and the map will be forfeited, unless the issues are Battle.Net wide and are affecting both players, in which case we ask managers to be patient and to understand the circumstance.

A game should not be re-hosted for any other reason than a disconnect, unless agreed upon by both players.

If there are issues getting back onto SC2 due to Battle Net then a player may pass the guidelines set above, but should take screenshot evidence that Battle.Net is the reason for the delay, in case the other team wishes to dispute it.

When re-hosting a game players should not for any reason enter any replay. Should this happen a screenshot should be taken and this can result in a forfeit of the map from the player entering a replay.

Generally we expect teams to be cooperative with each other. The rules are here as guidelines. If you feel any situations have been missed here please contact and admin as we would be happy to tighten up these rules.

3.3.6 Reporting Results

All managers will have access to the Manager's Links page, where a link to the form which reports match results can be found. Teams in the First Division must submit their replays to an admin unless the match was streamed on the official stream in which case the replay submission is not necessary.

3.4 Observing Rules

One manager / 'assigned' manager per team can observe. This is to help with the collecting of replays of the matches, which will need to be submitted if the match was not cast by an official streamer.

NO EXCESSIVE TALKING DURING THE GAME! This really ruins trying to cast from replays, so if there are observers please keep the chat to a minimum. Teams who have observers talking excessively during replays will be penalized.

If a team wishes to stream then the streamers/casters should be let into the game, providing the stream has at least a three minute delay. If the streamers/casters lag the game they should leave immediately. Maximum 2 streamers/casters per team.

3.5 Postponing Games

If there is a valid reason for having to cancel/postpone last minute then you should contact us at and we will make judgement on what will happen. Should an admin require that a game be delayed for any reason they have the right to do so. 

If neither team can agree on a scheduled time then teams may submit to play the match in catch-up weeks - though if this is over-used by a specific team we will begin to disallow these postponements. Teams should look to be as flexible as possible - it is not realistic to only play on days when your best 4 players are available.

Teams should not delay a map being played for more than 10 minutes while waiting for a player to be ready. If a team does not have enough players to complete the Clan War they should forfeit remaining games when they run out of players.

3.6 - Bad Manner

Bad manner will be punished with penalty points (map score deductions). If a certain player is consistently bad manner they will be banned from participating in the league. If a team receives multiply penalty points (see 1.5 - Penalty Points) they will be removed from the league.

The SC2ITL is meant to be a fun and competitive atmosphere. Replying to BM with your own BM will not help anybody. Disputes are to be settled by admins / the information in the rules. Screenshot evidence of BM is required to be e-mailed to for action to be taken against the team.

We count bad manner as : swearing at opponents, flaming opponents, calling out opponents, un-pausing in-game, starting games when opponents are not ready, not waiting for streamers (unless taking a long time, as stated in 5.1 - Streaming rules), pre-emptive GGs and anything else which causes a negative and hostile atmosphere. This is a general list and admins will have the final say. If you wish to report BM you should take suitable screenshots and e-mail them to

To find a starting map teams should veto until one map remains. Following maps will be decided by losers pick with no winner’s veto.

The SC2ITL Map Pool will be the same as the ladder map pool at the time a match is played.

Team casters are always allowed to stream providing they follow the streaming rules. If their is an official SC2Improve caster then the team casters may still cast. Playoffs may only be covered by official streamers. To become an official streamer please contact us via e-mail.


Streamers should not disrupt the game in any way and if they begin to lag they should tap out of the game until the lag issue is sorted.

Streamers should not hold up the games in any way. A team should only have to wait 2 minutes for a streamer before continuing the series without them.

Streamers should stream all games with at least a 2 minute delay.


There will be a page on the website where you can see when matches are being played and who will be streaming them, if anyone.

The SC2ITL is meant to be a place for fun, competitive gaming. We do not appreciate bad manner or anything else which brings with it a destructive attitude. Anyone found to be BM and so on will receive warnings and a removal from the league should it be continued. Any reports of BM should be backed up by screenshots.

If shit goes down, Wardí makes the final decision on the rules and what will be done. Feel free to argue your side - but please accept the final decision once it is made.