Announcing the SC2Improve UK & Ireland 2016 Series : Spring

SC2Improve UK & Ireland 2016 Series : Spring

It is great pleasure that I am able to relaunch SC2Improve's contribution to the UK & Irish StarCraft 2 scene with the UK & Ireland 2016 Series : Spring. 'Spring' will be the first of multiple events this year in which you will be able to watch the best StarCraft players from the UK & Ireland come together and compete on a regular basis. This tournament is a replacement for last years UK & Ireland Summer Series, which had to be cut due to scheduling issues. I am happy to announce that Molotovs & Marshmallows will be returning to sponsor the Spring edition of the series. You can read what they have to say about the event below!

As an organisation who’s roots in the UK scene, I’m happy to help support tournaments like the SC2Improve UK & Ireland 2016 Series. Wardí does a great job running tournaments and I hope the support we give will bolster the tournament forward to creating a better scene.
— Kalvin 'KalKal' Chung - Molotovs & Marshmallows Founder
Molotovs & Marshmallows -

Molotovs & Marshmallows -

The UK & Irish scenes have so many talented players but with so few opportunities to prove themselves, with a limited number of LAN events to attend each year and next to no online events to help grow the scene. I strongly believe that the growth of our players can only be furthered with regular regional based competition which also brings exposure to the players and their teams. With this in mind I will be aiming to not just deliver exciting StarCraft content, but also a show in which you will learn more about our players and our scene.

It is also important to grow new talent as well as nurturing the talent already at the top of our scene. With the new format I have decided to run with for the UK&I 2016 Series I will not be neglecting players below the highest level of skill in our scene. All events in our 2016 series will be split into the 'U Series' for the highest level players and the 'K Series' for everybody else.

U-Series Spring Format

Prize Pool : £150 (£100/£50 1st/2nd)
Qualifier : 21st March 2016, 7pm CET - Click for sign-up page. 
8 Players (5 Invites, 3 Qualifier Places)
Round Robin Group Stage with BO5 Matches
Proleague style single elimination play-off (3rd vs 4th, Winner vs 2nd, Winner vs 1st)
Map Pool : 5 Current Ladder Maps + 2 Community Maps

K-Series Spring Format

Prize Pool : £25 (£20/£5 1st/2nd)
Open to all players from UK & Ireland - Click for registration form.
Players must register by Friday 25th March.
Unlimited number of players, exact format will vary with number of participants.
Round robin group stage into a playoff bracket (one match per week.)

Community Map Submissions

Maps must be submitted by Wednesday 23rd March - Click here to submit your maps.
We will be choosing two maps from the submitted maps to be a part of the tournament map pool.
Map makers may submit a maximum of two maps.
Our goal is to pick each map from a different map maker.