Apocalypse Replaced & Other Alliance Confirmations

As you may know we have had some teams dropping out of the SC2ITL, the latest being Apocalypse eSports after their team recently disbanded. We also had Acer-Dead Pixels drop out of Group B of the competition, which has left two open spaces in the First Division. We are happy that this has happened at the start of the league rather than at a later point, so that arrangements can be made for us to still run with 20 teams in the upcoming season.

We would like to also take this opportunity to confirm other alliances between teams and players. We believe that alliances offering players who would not usually have the chance to participate in the league under a team a chance to take part is great for everybody involved, from the viewers to the players. We thoroughly believe our replacements are also of the level to truly compete in the First Division and we hope you look forward to cheering them in the upcoming matches.


Nuit Blanche will replace Apocalypse eSports in Group A.

A combination of players will replace Acer in Group B. (TBA soon).


AT Gaming have partnered with against All authority.

Invasion Esport have partnered with MajOr.