General Information


The UK & Ireland 2016 Series is a set of events throughout 2016 designed to help the UK and Irish scenes grow through giving players a chance to play regular, competitive matches in region locked events.  All UK&I 2016 events are designed to be player friendly, which means our main goal is to make it easy and fun for you all to play. This means we are happy if you need to reschedule your matches with your opponents and so on as long as it is communicated to us, which can be done through the main UK & Ireland 2016 Series page on the website.

The rules are in place to help us keep order in the league and to make calls on some issues which may arise throughout the event. If you ever have any questions or need further information I urge you to contact me (Wardí) via Skype, Discord, or e-mail, which you should have the contacts for.

The first event of the year, Spring, is split into the U-Series and the K-Series. The U-Series is an eight player event which features the highest level of competition in the region, while the K-Series is an open registration tournament with no player cap, allowing everyone who wants to take part the chance. There is no entry fee to the events, but if you would like to support them you should see the support SC2Improve sections of the website.

As our events are designed to be fun and easy to play in we will not tolerate excessive amounts of trolling, bad manner or other bad sportsmanship during the tournaments. Actions such as these will be punished with removal from the tournaments and bans from future events. This is a competition and we hope you treat it as such.

Prize Pool

1st - £100
2nd - £50

1st - £20
2nd - £5

Placements in the events will also lead to seeds for future seasons, though these have not been decided upon yet.

Time Zone

The official time zone of our tournaments is BST (British Summer Time) and all scheduling/times will be set by this.


If you have issues or questions you should contact me via Skype (Jonathon Ward), Discord (Wardi#9250 or @Wardi me in the SC2Improve servers) or e-mail me at

Matches & Tournament Format

'Spring' Format


  • 8 Player event.
  • All players will play each other in a round robin group with BO5 matches, one match is played per week.
  • The top four players advance to the playoffs, based on match score, then map score, then head to head results.
  • Playoffs are in the style of Proleague, where the third place and fourth place finishers play each other in the first round
  • The winner of 3rd vs 4th match plays against the second place finisher from the group. The winner of this plays the first place from the round robin in the grand final.


  • Open entry, no player limit.
  • Players will be split into smaller groups which will be played in round robin format, BO5 matches with one match per week.
  • The top players (still TBD) from each group will enter a standard single elimination playoff stage.
  • The exact format (Best of X, seeding) for the playoffs is still to be decided and will be released closer to the start of the league.

Match Details (Scheduling, Freewins etc.)

You will have access to information which tells you who you play against each week. Your match will have a suggested time to play at. You should arrange with your opponent for the week whether you will play at the suggested time or if you will move it to a time that suits both players better. If both players are not able to agree on a time they should contact an admin. Once a match time and date is agreed one of you should fill out the form on the main web page. Matches should generally be played before the end of Sunday each week, however delaying matches to the start of the next week is fine if both players agree.

After you have played your match you will be required to submit your result via the main web page. We do not require you to save replays unless an admin has asked you to do so for purposes of streaming.

Players will be a part of a Skype group which should aid you in getting in contact with your opponents. There has also been a Discord channel set up and if required I will set-up a secure place for you to access your opponents e-mails from, as another form of contact.

If one player fails to respond to their opponents attempts to contact them it will be deemed as a free-win for the player who made attempts to contact. If you know ahead of time you will be away during a certain week and unable to respond please look ahead of time and let your opponents know.

We suggest you meet your opponents in the sc2iuk chat channel, unless you agree on a way to meet otherwise.

If either player fails to be at the match within 15 minutes after the scheduled time then we advise you take screenshot evidence that they are not online / not in the chat channel and also any evidence of agreeing on the time to play. Screenshots should clearly include the chat channel being empty / your opponent being offline and the time in the bottom right. Please note that players should contact each other and agree that they will play even for the suggested date & time. With sufficient evidence a free win will be provided if your opponent is not there with-in 15 minutes of the start time. If an opponent is present but for some reason unable to start the match with-in 15 minutes a free win is also able to be claimed.

All matches will be played on the EU server.

If the Battle Net servers are experiencing connectivity issues then the match should be rescheduled. Screenshots are advised to prove connectivity issues.

If a player disconnects they have 10 minutes to return to the client / contact their opponents that they will be returning, otherwise a free win may be claimed. Any disconnects should be resumed from replay and players should not watch the replay during the downtime between disconnect and resuming the game.

If you have a valid reason to postpone a match last minute please contact an admin ASAP with your reasons and we will judge on a case-by-case basis. Admins also have the right to delay games for reasons they see fit.

Map Pool & Vetoes

Whoever is currently listed higher in the group standings on the Liquipedia page at the time of the match (whether it is updated or not) will start the veto process (be player A). Most matches will be BO5 and the veto process is AB ABAB C

The map pool is currently set as :

Dusk Towers
Frozen Temple
KTV Ganymede
Invader LE
Para Bellum
Ruins of Endion
Solaris Temple