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Welcome to the SC2i team league season four donations page

So far you guys have increased the sc2itl s4 prize pool by :

€25 !



where your money goes

Donations of €24.99 or below

80% of these donations go directly into increasing the SC2I Team League Season 4 prize pool. The remaining 20% goes towards other costs of running the league. This means if you donate €10, the prize pool will increase by €8 and the remaining money (€2 - PayPal fees) goes towards sustaining the league.

Donations of €25 and above

100% of these donations go directly into increasing the SC2I Team League Season 4 prize pool, not a cent elsewhere!



Where exactly in the prize pool do the donations go? We decided to split it up a bit and set certain sub-goals which we feel will benefit the league the most.

€0 - €200 : The first €200 donated will go completely towards creating a prize for third place (meaning we get to have a third place match!)

€201-€250 : The next €50 donated will go completely towards creating a prize four fourth place (because it sucks to come so close!)

€251-€1000 : The next €750 donated will be split and added to the prize pool as follows : 1st - 45%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 20%, 4th - 10%


Donation Benefits

We expect the main reason for you guys to donate is because you are enjoying the league and want to support the teams taking part by giving them more to play for - but we also have some extra benefits for you guys as well to show our gratitude! If you have donated once and then donate again it will be the total amount which qualifies you for the reward. As well as those listed below we will run some giveaways for subscribers & donators throughout the season. 

€1 - Shout-out. Receive a shout-out on stream between games when we receive your donation & your name on the recent donators list on-stream and in the complete donator list on the website.

€5 - Replays. Receive replays each month from the team league. Expect ~20 replays a month - it will not be every single replay we have, but a select few from what we thought were some of the greatest games. Also includes €1 benefit.

€10 - Team Supporter. Become a supporter of a team playing in the league! Choose which team you want to support and when they are streamed receive a special shout-out as a supporter as well as being listed on their stat card at the start of each map. Also includes €1 & €5 benefits. *

€25 - Get hosted. After SC2I Team League matches we will use the /host function on Twitch to host you or a channel of your request. We will host you after at least 2 team league matches and you can choose which matches these will be (on a first come, first served basis). It is up to you to be live and ready to go when the matches end. We will work with you to make it work. Also includes €1, €5 & €10 benefits.

€50 - Spectate in-game. Observe in-game two series of the SC2I Team League S4 Group Stage. You must not lag or disrupt the game in anyway, limit of one observer per match (first come, first served on match choices.) It is up to you to be present at the start of the match and not to miss invites for each map. You cannot observe the same team twice (to avoid teams using this to potentially cheat.) Also includes €1, €5, €10 & €25 benefits.

€100 - I don't even know. If you want to be awesome enough to donate this much you get all of the above, our eternal thanks and well anything you can think of, with-in reason. €100+ is what we start considering a sponsorship, so you should contact us and talk about it in more detail if this is of interest to you.

* For every €10 you donate past the first €10 you may choose an additional team to be a supporter of.

Season 4 Donators!

€25 - Risky