SC2Improve Winter League 2013/2014 Playoffs Hype Video

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It is here. The second SC2Improve Winter League is about to draw to a close after over three months of hard fought competition. It has been an incredible journey which has seen new records for SC2Improve content and a stronger player base than I could have imagined. We've had upsets, crazy games, story lines and more - but now it comes down to just four players.

Here we are - the SC2Improve Winter League is in the single elimination stage. 8 players remain and by god the line-up is good. We will split the RO8 into two days (Monday and Tuesday) with two of the BO5s on each day. Next week we will host the semi-finals, 3rd place game and Finals on the same evening. So let's get into talking about this!

The only group without a Korean in will see which two players will be completing our RO8 of the Winter League. Fan favorite DIMAGA can be nothing but a favorite going into this, though it does not mean it will be easy for him. UK Zerg JonnyREcco has been making more and more of a splash lately and will put up a strong resistance to try and take first in the Group. Our two Protoss players Adonminus and Sjaak will also be looking for some good games and are definitely not out of the question from advancing.

Group A is perhaps going to be one of the most one-sided groups we have seen so far in the SC2Improve Winter League this year. Or two-sided, I suppose we should say. Going into this group everyone is looking at Arthur and Tefel wondering which will come out of the group in first and which will come out in second. Many aren't even considering SC2Improve Summer League Champion Noname and German Protoss player Levi as having a chance to come out of this group.

Is this going to be the closest group of the RO16? Some would argue yes - at least for second place. Everybody will be expecting Patience to roll on through in this group. Maybe he will encounter some slight resistance from Tassadar or uThermal, but recently his results have just been a level above the others with RO8 finishes in two large tournaments, IEM Cologne and ASUS ROG Winter.


The SC2Improve Winter League returns for it's second year. It is the followup event to our hugely successful SC2Improve Summer League 2013 - which saw over 700 players take part and thousands of viewers. With the Winter League we aim to take the problems we came across in the Summer League and compress them to create the best event that we have ever made. It's going to be a great tournament as the level of competition continually rises and the games just get better and better!

The Winter League has been sponsored by ZOWIE GEAR, which brings the total value of the prize pool well over €400. A big shout out to ZOWIE for continuing to support SC2Improve's events and we hope we can continue taking this partnership further.

If you want more information about the SC2Improve Winter League then you can check out the pages here on the website or alternatively jump into the Liquipedia Page to find everything you need!

Make sure to get involved, whether it be watching or playing! Good luck have fun!