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The SC2Improve Team League Season 1 was announced on October 21st 2013 with games beginning on November 4th. The league features 13 weeks of Round Robin play followed by a single-elimination playoffs bracket. There are four groups of fourteen teams and top three advance to the playoffs, with the winner of the group taking a BYE in the RO16.

The Team League is sponsored by SC2Improve & ZOWIE GEAR and features a total prize pool of €250, 5 x ZOWIE MiCOs and 5 x ZOWIE G-CM Mousepads.

One of the major goals for the team league was to create a league in which teams can come together for mid-high tier competition, which we felt was severely lacking in the community.  We aim to create a pleasant, fun and motivating experience for everybody involved while also including the sense of competition. On top of this we aim to provide as much exposure for teams as possible through articles about the event and streams of matches.

Going into the second half of Season One we have identified some problems with our goals and execution of the league and are working hard to fix these. The major things we are focusing on are improving the number of streams we put out each week as well as creating more content in general around the league. We are using this as a valuable learning experience before taking advice and feedback from the teams and heading into what will hopefully be an even better Season Two!