SC2Improve launches the SC2Improve Team League (SC2ITL)


 SC2Improve is proud to present a new tournament - the SC2Improve Team League. Having come off of a very successful summer with the SC2Improve Summer League, SC2Improve continues to push to bring as many tournaments as possible to build a competitive and fun atmosphere. You can read more about SC2Improve in our TL thread.

The SC2Improve Team League (SC2ITL) is an open registration tournament with €550 worth of prizes up for grabs. The tournament is set to run from November 4th with a Round Robin Group Stage into a single-elimination playoffs.

Match formats are BO7 all-kill matches with teams being allowed to loan a single player for their team for the season. More information can be found in the complete rules. 

This is an EU based tournament and teams are expected to be able to play at EU friendly times. 

Register Now!

Registration Closes Saturday November 2nd 23:59 CET

To register your team please fill out the following form and e-mail it to : 

Team Name : 

Team Tag :

Team Website : 

Team Twitter : 

Team Manager Name.Code [EU] :

Team Manager Skype : 

Team Manager E-mail : 

Loaned Player ID : [If you want to add your loaned player at a later point/do not wish to have a loaned player then leave this blank. Note you cannot change a loaned player once it is set unless special circumstances apply.] 

Additional Information :

Read more:

Round Robin Play begins the week beginning November 4th.

Full information about the SC2ITL can be found in our rules and information thread on our forums. If anybody has any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you are interested in becoming a streamer for the SC2ITL then you can find out more here. 



We are happy to announce that ZOWIE GEAR will be sponsoring the event, adding multiple ZOWIE products to the prize pool.  The total prize pool of this event is :

1st - €175 + 5 x Blue ZOWIE MiCO

2nd - €75 + 5 x ZOWIE G-CM Mousepads


We look forward to running this new event! If there are any questions or queries or feedback please feel free to let us know at