Increased Amount of YouTube Content Incoming!

A lot of you all reading this will probably be very familiar with the content we create on the stream and the events we run. One thing that has never been a priority or focus for me has been YouTube content - but that is all about to change! At the end of March the $100 Patreon goal to release more YouTube content was reached, meaning there will be a lot more unique to YouTube content on the way very soon.

Over the past month if you already subscribed to the YouTube channel you will have noticed that there has been a lot more VODs going online from the multiple events which I have been casting (Douyu Star Masters, WCS Qualifiers, SC2ITL and so on). Well this is only a portion of what I want the YouTube channel to be.

My first two YouTube unique videos (as part of this new initiative) will be coming out in the next few days and will feature a play through of the first Nova Covert Ops mission on brutal difficulty as well as a discussion on the Hydralisk-Baneling ZvP style which has become more popular recently. This is only the beginning of the YouTube content and in the future I intend to put out content such as:

  • Build Order Guides
  • Analysis of play-styles / match-ups / single games
  • Introductory Guides
  • VLOGs which focus on certain topics, thoughts on tournaments & so on
  • Brutal campaign play through

If you have any thoughts or ideas that you might like to see which would fit into one of the above topics please don't be afraid to suggest it to me on Discord, Twitter or on stream if you know I am able to read the chat (I don't want to miss out on good ideas!!)

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