Karnage and Dead Pixels Merge & OnFire Alliance

On Monday it was announced that Dead Pixels and Karnage eSports would be merging under the Dead Pixels brand, leading to a much larger Dead Pixels roster. As Karnage eSports hold a position in the SC2I Team League First Division it had been previously agreed that with the merge Dead Pixels would be able to take over the slot and play the remaining matches.

However due to a large portion of the #OnFire team roster being a part of Dead Pixels, it left some problems with Group B of the league. #OnFire have already had some troubles with scheduling matches and losing a majority of their roster meant they would find it difficult to complete their matches in the league and would likely forfeit.

I have assessed the situation and decided that it is in the best interests of the league to allow a merge between #OnFire and Dead Pixels, as this allows all of the players already competing in the SC2ITL to continue competing. As #OnFire roster already included the players initially on Dead Pixels, it essentially means the roster will just be adding the players Dead Pixels acquired from Karnage eSports.

It does mean that the Karnage eSports matches in Group A will be forfeited, but I feel this is the best situation for all involved. Karnage eSports are yet to win a match this season and so the standings of the group will be mostly unaffected, with only some slight edits to map scores to be made.

The #OnFire-Dead Pixels (Burned Pixels?) combination have their first match scheduled to take place this Saturday at 4pm CET against Team MiA.