UK & Ireland 2016 Spring U-Series Starts - First Matches Set

After a fantastic turn-out for the qualifier we have our eight players ready to take each other on over the next few weeks in the Spring U-Series competition (part of the UK & Ireland 2016 Series). Bakemonoda, Boombox, Cladorhiza, GamerRichy, Mix, MythiC, Ourk and RiSky will be competing for the £150 prize pool and it will all be covered on the usual SC2Improve stream.

Week one will already see some great matches which will all take place on Monday evening from 7pm BST. The current schedule is :

7pm BST - Ourk vs RiSky
8pm BST - Mix vs GamerRichy
9pm BST - Boombox vs Bakemonoda
10pm BST - Cladorhiza vs MythiC

The main matches to watch out for this week will be Mix vs GamerRichy and Cladorhiza vs MythiC. If the recent performance of GamerRichy and MythiC is anything to go by they are going to be giving the recent epic.LAN finalists Mix and Cladorhiza a run for their money.