SC2ITL S6 Week 1 Recap

What. A. Week. The first Week of the SC2ITL Season 6 could not have gotten off to a better start as we saw basically everything you could hope for - from Reverse all-kills to games ending with both players having less than 20 supply, players marking their SC2ITL debuts and old names returning to the league. Even outside of the games Week 1 has been one to remember, with record breaking viewership for regular season matches as well as well as just in general so much hype and love coming in from the community. Let's have a look at some of the talking points of Week 1!

#OnFire fill the final slot in Group B

In the lead up to Season 6 and during Week 1 there was some speculation as to who would fill the gap left in Group B after Acer announced they would not be participating in the tournament. We announced on Friday that #OnFire - a team made up by Scarlett, Bly, State, Neeb, Patience, Elroye and Majestic - would be the final team in the league.

The announcement sparked a lot of discussion and hype due to the line-up consisting of multiple fan-favorite players who nobody was originally expecting to participate in the competition. A lot of people are already looking at #OnFire to finish high in the league due to their strong roster of "based gods." Make sure to catch their first match on Sunday 7th February at 6pm CET.

VortiX makes his return to competitive StarCraft with SC2ITL Debut.

Team Liquid return to the SC2I Team League with their eyes set on the championship. As reigning champions they are looking to be the first two-time victors of the SC2ITL and they were already one of the favorites to do this with the same roster than won in Season 4. Recently however it was announced that VortiX would be returning to StarCraft 2 after some time playing Heroes of the Storm for Team Liquid.

Many were eagerly awaiting the return of VortiX - to see just how good he was - and he showed us a taste of what to expect from him as he all-killed Karnage eSports in about 30 in-game minutes, including a quick ZvZ victory over Namshar who has been very impressive in the ZvZ match-up recently. Later in the week he went on to qualify for the WCS Winter Championship at IEM Katowice. With another formidable on the Liquid roster we are left asking, who is actually going to be able to stop them?

You get an all-kill! And you get an all-kill! And we all get an all-kill!

All-kills were all the rage in week one of the SC2ITL as six of nine matches were won by a single player. Three of these were clean 4-0 sweeps with VortiX (Liquid), Beastyqt (True eSports) and SpaceMarine (RedBloods) wasting no time at all in picking up their first victories of the season for their teams against Karnage eSports, Flipsid3 Tactics and isIMBA respectively.

Out of the three other all-kills two of these were reverse all-kills. Dreamhack Leipzig's Terran hoep uThermal completed the sweep for AT Gaming-aAa against PSISTORM Gaming after TRUE was 3-0 up in the match, while in mYinsanity vs Team Gravity it was Serral who came out as the ace player to deny Semper his all-kill and then continued to go all the way.

The final all-kill of the week came from Kelazhur in ROOT Gaming vs Team MiA. After his team went 0-2 down to Starbuck, Kelazhur was able to Reaper him to death on Orbital Shipyard. With the ace of Team MiA out of the way it was a simple clean-up for the Brazilian Terran to bring ROOT off to the start they needed.

MarineLorD vs MouLou - Game 2 of Millenium vs Nuit Blanche

Sometimes the only way to explain how crazy a game really was is to just show it. Enjoy our highlights of this epic TvT!

That's about it for now! Week one really was crazy and we saw some great matches, so if you missed any of them make sure to catch up over on our YouTube Playlist and don't forget to follow the stream to see when we are live with more SC2ITL matches! The current schedule for Week 2 can be found here.