Team #onFire (Scarlett, Bly, State & more) replace Acer-Dead Pixels

Since Acer-Dead Pixels pulled out of the SC2I Team League S6 we have been searching for a replacement with the same caliber of players who would be able to fill the slot in Group B. It has been a little while coming and their Week One match will be delayed because of it, but we are happy to announce Team #onFire will be joining Group B of the SC2ITL.

#onFire Roster :

Bly (Z)
Elroye (Z)
Majestic (P)
Neeb (P)
Patience (P)
Scarlett (Z) (Captain)
State (P)

We are very excited to have a team with such a solid roster to replace Acer-Dead Pixels and we hope this will help some of you see some more games from your favorite players!