VortiX All-kills in SC2ITL Debut

Yesterday the 6th Season of the SC2I Team League began with returning champions Team Liquid taking on Karnage eSports. The match officially kicked off the regular season after the qualifiers early this month. Everyone expected Liquid to come into this as the favorites - with such a strong and deep roster it would take something special for Karnage eSports to take more than one or two maps.

While the result was fairly well predicted, nobody really expected it to come from VortiX who made his SC2ITL debut, playing his first official match since he returned to StarCraft 2 from Heroes of the Storm. The Spanish Zerg player did not waste much time in cleaning-up his opponents, finishing up the all-kill with less than 30 minutes spent in-game.

His most notable opponent was Namshar - a Swedish Zerg player well known in the SC2ITL as the ace-player of Karnage eSports. Coming off of a 2-3 loss against Korean Zerg Hydra at DreamHack Leipzig (an event he qualified for by defeating Snute, another Liquid Zerg) there were some high expectations for the first game of the series - but a convincing aggressive reaction to the Hatchery first of Namshar swept all of the expectations under the rug.

We look forward to seeing more from VortiX in the next few matches from Liquid as the team will look to defend their title over the coming months.