SC2ITL First Division Week 1 Schedule

The first week of the SC2I Team League Season 6 First Division is finally upon us! We have some great matches set up for week one of the competition and we hope you will join us live on stream to witness the start of what will hopefully be another incredible season of the SC2ITL. You can find the dates & times of the matches below, but please be aware changes could be made.

This weeks mathes.PNG

26th January

7pm - Team Liquid vs Karnage eSports
9pm - isIMBA vs Redbloods

29th January

7pm - Millenium vs Apocalypse eSports
9pm - ROOT Gaming vs Team MiA

30th January

2pm - EURONICS Gaming vs ECVisualize

31st January

2pm - Invasion eSport vs Romandy Gaming
4pm - AT Gaming-aAa vs PSISTORM Gaming
6pm - mYinsanity vs Team Gravity
8pm - Flipsid3 Tactics vs True eSports